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“Bigger Secret Dogs to Come”- Community Season 4 Episode 2 Review, ‘Paranormal Parentage’


Chekhov’s Gunman is written by Kevin Lanigan, scriptwriter, amateur botanist, and die hard Forgetting Sarah Marshall fan. Normally he does essays, but tonight he was feeling frisky and also really likes site traffic. Spoilers follow, so please use your harsh words and violence on each other.

Community is building to something big. Like the calm before a storm or Japanese immigrants visiting Pearl Harbor in the winter of 1940, I feel something big is coming. I know it in my bones. And by bones very rarely steer people wrong.

They’re simply laying too much groundwork for me to think they’re not trying to go somewhere with it, like that construction site across the road run by Italian Americans and loose-lipped greasers who keep disappearing.

Jeff, Troy, and Britta are the main proponents of my thoughts. There are plenty of conflict seeds being strewn in the Troy and Britta relationship (that this episode admittedly temporarily resolves) that are leading to some nice, larger conflicts down the road. Should make for funny and touching fights coupled by funny and touching reunions. Welcome to television. A full-fledged relationship within the Study Group, or anywhere else really, is something totally new to this show and it’s handling it lightly but well.

Jeff’s arc is particularly impressive, mostly because it exists. This season has picked up remarkably from where Season 3 left off and seems only to be building upon it. He’s in all in now, and watched in order it makes for a truly interesting and touching progression of character.

And then there’s the bit that almost brought a tear to my eye, the moment where Jeff called his Dad. The scene cut out at exactly the right moment, and ooooooooh boy that Thanksgiving episode is going to be a doozy. A real hullaballoo. Also other 1920’s phrases. Those, too.

Even Pierce had a nice arc, facilitated by the welcome return of Giancarlo Esposito, MVP of everything he’s ever touched, including women and tricycles.

Ken Jeong was curiously absent this week, but that’s to be expected, as it isn’t the first time. Also, he has memory loss, which in terms of television writing sits right below babies on the list of things that take good shows and run them into dump trucks full of poop and bad fan art, so he can stay away as long as he damn well pleases. Which will probably be until next week. *Inspector Spacetime convention, y’all*

EDITOR’S NOTE: I will never say y’all ever again.

Now, it has been brought to my attention that this episode doesn’t stand well on its own, and I can groove to that tune. It’s the progression of something more, an addition to what I opened this piece talking about. I feel the writers, figuring this was most likely the last season we will ever get of this show (single tear) (followed by other tears), have planned for one huge overarching season, leading to what is hopefully a fitting end. Lost ending? Sopranos homage? Probably all of those things. And more. With less Pierce than ever before!

I had probably between eight to ten good laughs this week, and solid chuckles throughout. I fear Britta as a ham will haunt my most terrifying and wonderful fantasies. The character work was strong tonight, and I look forward to next week. There was a plot, yes, but you all saw it so why would you need me to explain it to you?

britta ham

I remember when this show was about a community college…

Also, how did it take this show of all shows so long to do a “on each other’s shoulders in a trench coat” bit? This show was made for that. If it has one purpose, it was for that to happen. We can all go home now.

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