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“Why Not Just Go For the Movie?”- Community is Renewed for a Fifth Season

Community - Season 4

During last night’s review, I mentioned multiple times that I really hoped this wouldn’t be the way the show went out. Many of you in the comments agreed with me (as I have enough journalistic integrity to read and respond to every comment not actively trying to sell me a time share). And it seems as if we have gotten our wish.

NBC has announced that Community will be back for a fifth season, although no news on when. The initial order is for 13 episodes. By the end of this proposed Season 5, the show will have reached 97 episodes, although another 3 would bring us to 100, putting Community in that elite bracket of shows I’m going to create myself in lieu of caring about sports.

Also of note is that soon Comedy Central will begin running reruns of the show, which could potentially increase next year’s audience share, although I’ll believe that when I see it with my own two Changs.

In any case, today is a cause for celebration. So go! Be merry! Print things on the sides of condoms! Eat contaminated army taco meat! Make other references to the show!

Chekhov’s Gunman is a film and television blog moderated by Kevin Lanigan, a future writer of movies and TV and current writer of love letters to his hubby bravely fighting on the shores of Normandy. Check back here for regular reviews of Community, summer movies, and Game of Thrones, our weekly Mexican Standoffs, and the Good Stuff.

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Dean you in Season 5!


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