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2013 Emmy Nominations Reactions

Parks and Recreation Cast

Another year, another disappointing round of Emmy nominations. This time every year, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences tries to tell us what is the best in television seemingly without watching any television themselves. Because awards totally matter and are the end-all be-all of what is good television, I, like many others on the Internet, had a reaction to this year’s string of nominations.

And oh, hey, here they are.

(There are some spoilers for Breaking Bad below, so skip that section if you’re not caught up unless you absolutely have to hear my jokes about it).

Consistency is Key

Like any bout of Emmy nominations, 85% of them can be skipped without missing anything that wasn’t there last year. I was surprised a grand total of zero times, particularly by the comedy selections this year. If you paid attention only to Emmy nominations, you’d think there were only four comedies on television and that most of them are Modern Family. Those same three supporting men get nominated as regularly as most of us are supposed to go to the doctor. And the Emmys are really due for a check-up.


Parks and Recreation

If each and everyone one of Modern Family’s modern family men got replaced by anyone from Parks and Recreation, then we would live in a just world. The Rec Men absolutely killed it this year, and Nick Offerman and Chris Pratt have been deserving of nominations long before the existence of Emmys or local government. I suppose it’s nice to have Poehler and the show get nominated, but they’ve been nominated every year forever and have never come close to winning. And Parks is a bit past its prime at this rate, so the hopes of a Best Comedy Emmy have really faded into the ether like so much Sweetums smog.

And the lack of any attention being paid to Patton Oswalt’s guest star turn is both infuriating and totally to be expected.


This is normally the section where I’d complain about how Community didn’t get nominated for anything, but Community didn’t really earn it this year so actually good show on the Academy’s part. I could have really seen a writing nomination for Jim Rash or something for Gillian Jacobs, but I think my undying love for both of them has blinded me to how off Season 4 really was.

New Girl

You’d think after New Girl (arguably the best comedy on television all of last year) received five nominations last season that it’d be a guaranteed contender this year. You’d think that, and you’d be absolutely wrong. New Girl is not only consistently funny, but has exactly the same cast members that got nominated last year so…. what happened exactly? Did the polka-dot haze that follows Zooey Deschanel around finally wear off? And Jake Johnson as Nick Miller is deserving of no less than ten nominations for how much he made me laugh this season. So, Nick, you win a Cheky. I hope you’re happy.

Happy Endings

No nominations expected, none earned, but oh so many deserved. RIP, my friends.

Breaking Bad

Good round of nominations for what has been (so far) a great final season for one of television’s finest shows. However, I’m fairly certain that it received the exact same slate of nominations last year, so that’s not nearly as fun. The only noticeable change I can see is that Giancarlo Esposito is no longer up for Best Supporting Actor as he is now dead, replaced in his stead by Jonathan Banks who (spoilers) is also now dead. It’s sad to see Dean Norris denied again for the Emmy, even after he gave us possibly the greatest mid-season cliffhanger ever. Easily the best one involving both poop and Walt Whitman. But, hey, while we’re at it, why not nominate absolutely every actor on Breaking Bad? Where’s Gomez’s trophy, or Saul’s? How about Lydia, who was one of our great stick-in-the-muds? Hell, I think the guy who had to deadpan look in the face of a Scandinavian guy as he described his French/Ranch combo dressing as “Franch” is deserving of at least a handshake from The Good Wife.

Downton Abbey

It’ll take a lot for me to care at all for the problems of rich British people, so I don’t watch Downton, but any praise for my girl Maggie Smith is good news for everyone.

Game of Thrones

A nice slathering of nominations here. Peter Dinklage’s acknowledgement is totally well-deserved as he is one of only two parts of the show everyone can agree on. I’m particularly pleased with Emilia Clarke’s nomination as Danaerys. It seems as if Danny’s Abraham Lincoln-caliber abolitionist movement accomplished something even more worthwhile than freeing the slaves: Possible Emmy gold. See, Game of Thrones? This is the kind of stuff that happens when you let her actually do stuff.

It certainly could be worse. Jon Snow could be nominated.



The Americans

This, right here, is where I feel the most true snubs lie. In the course of one season, The Americans rose from not being a show to what could very possibly be the best show on TV. Margo Martindale’s nomination is well-earned (she’s phenomenal on the show, as she was on Justified… and New Girl while we’re at it), but the nomination for “Best Main Title Music” feels cheap when the show should be a strong contender for Best Drama. Keri Russell is my pic for Best Lead Actress this year, and Matthew Rhys should be the fresh blood entry into a tough Best Lead Actor race, but instead he gets to sit around and still be on a fantastic show. So there’s that.

Mad Men

I’ve only finished the first two season of Mad Men, but if those two season are any indication then this show is well-deserving of these awards and who the hell is Jim Cutler?

The Big Bang Theory

I simply cannot fathom why anyone likes this show. It’s mean-spirited and obvious. You don’t like any of the characters (and not in a cool Breaking Bad kinda way). Jim Parsons is fine, but this show is still the bane of my existence.

House of Cards

This is actually kind of a revolutionary thing. This is a streaming series that is being nominated in numerous major categories. It’s unreal and unprecedented. I don’t have anything more to say about how this is going to “change the way we watch TV” or say “Hey, Kevin Spacey’s working again,” but you know I want to say both of those things. Now, for that other streaming series…

Arrested Development

The long-awaited return of Arrested Development was greeted with mixed feelings (even by me), but it’s good to see the Academy still cares about the Bluth family, even when the Bluth family doesn’t much seem to care about the Bluth family. I’m as happy for Jason Bateman’s nomination as anyone else, but I think we all know that Will Arnett was the real Best Lead Actor in that particular comedy series.


Won’t win. Girl power.

House of Lies

In the grand tradition of series that begin with “House of- -“ we have a lead actor nomination for this show, mostly because that lead actor used to be in movies. Considering House of Lies is just about the worst piece of junk this side of Two and a Half Men (I have a HUGE thing against Chuck Lorre, like to the level of nemesis), I can say this one is just TV once again sucking up to its big brother Movies and asking it to fight off that bully guy Internet who has been bothering him lately.


I have had it about up to here with this show getting no love.

My hand is raised very high.

And, again, a great Patton Oswalt guest performance goes unnoticed. I don’t know why everyone hates you, Patton, but I do know that we can hang out sometime if you’d like.

30 Rock

I am legions of seasons behind on this show, so much so that it would be much easier to just start over, but anything that Tina Fey gets nominated for is a nomination for all of us.

“Outstanding Visual Effects in a Supporting Role”

This is a category?


Family Guy is nominated for Best Animated Program and Archer isn’t. This whole category is a wash. I declare it invalid. I’m rooting for Bob’s Burgers, but the smart money is on Not Bob’s Burgers.

That about concludes my Emmy round-up. I hope you had a good time. Be sure to follow or subscribe above, and leave your comments below as I love you and want the two of us to finally be together. Enjoy this lovely song from Bob’s Burgers.

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2 thoughts on “2013 Emmy Nominations Reactions

  1. Thank you for saying your piece about Community. I was too afraid to mention it on my blog. And I would would have also mentioned Dean Norris had I not been trying to limit my gripes to three snubs. I have a feeling he’s going to do some great work this year that might give him some recognition next year though.

    • Now begins the period in Breaking Bad we’ve all been waiting for, where Hank finally leads the charge against Walt. It’s been five seasons coming, and now it’s finally here. If there was eve a time to do it, it’s now.

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