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Short Film Spotlight: KINGSPORT, J.P. Konroy

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Hey there, everybody! Here’s a new feature I’m going to try over here at Chekhov’s Gunman.

As a current student of film at Webster University, I am privy to tons and tons of short films. Some of them are absolutely dreadful, but there are more than a few that I wouldn’t feel embarrassed to share with the Internet as a whole. I’d like to try a few out for size, and release them once a week for as long as I can manage.

The first is called Kingsport, an adaptation of a short story called “The Terrible Old Man” by H.P. Lovecraft. It’s a lovely piece that exercises real control over tone and tension. It was directed by J.P. Konroy. He desires to be an editor, and it really shows. His ability to cut and create real fright just in the way he transitions from shot to shot.

Due to class restrictions, the film was required to be silent so much of the plot that necessitates Lovecraft’s prose to come across gets lost in the shuffle, but the tone and feeling are pitch perfect.


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