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There’s Going To Be Another Harry Potter Movie, And They’re Doing It Right

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You may have noticed something strange that happened this morning when the fourteen-year-olds of yesteryear all exploded simultaneously at the announcement that we are going to be getting another Harry Potter film. This is probably a shock to anyone who thought to themselves, “Didn’t Voldemort die at the end? How can he still be a thing if he crumbled like an onion in the last one? Is a piece of his soul in Harry’s toilet or something?”

It turns out, sadly, no. We will in fact not get a toilet that forces Ron to be a dick for most of a book.

Instead of  following Harry and Ron and Hermione as they fill out their magical AARP cards, we are instead getting an entirely new story, this one revolving around Newt Scamander, a name that has been casually mentioned throughout the series. Known primarily to those who frequently peruse Harry Potter wikis, Scamander is most famous for writing the wizarding book “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” And if the prospect of returning to the Harry Potter ‘verse by way of giant magical creatures doesn’t get you at least mildly excited, then I really don’t know how to help you.

The screenplay will be penned by J.K. Rowling herself (her first!), and will come out from Warner Bros. I am now very patiently awaiting this one. Rowling’s greatest skill as a writer has always been world building, the expansive and detailed world being the main reason to keep diving deeper and deeper into the series. It’s a rich world I don’t want to lose, so it’s great that we get to return to it, but it’s super great that Rowling will be there developing it herself. Hopefully Time Warner will give her some leniency to really play with this world in her work. I wonder who they’ll find to direct. Speculation time! Try out your thoughts in the comments below.

What I like second-best about this news (after the Rowling being involved part) is that Harry and his friends will not be involved. This will ideally avoid the problems that the Star Wars prequels ran into and the sequels seem to be speeding towards at 100 parsecs per second. Being too tied to one’s own characters whose stories are so obviously over can ruin the flow of the narrative and really feel like forcing it in the end, and it’s incredibly wise of the creative team here to let the characters go and really let fly what made Harry Potter so special: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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Oh, God, Sirius! *Tears*


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2 thoughts on “There’s Going To Be Another Harry Potter Movie, And They’re Doing It Right

  1. Yay! I can’t wait for it!

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