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“Lilys Be Trippin'”- How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 4 Review- ‘The Broken Code’

himym season 9 episode 4 the broken code ted barney

We pick up right where we left off this week after the cliffhanger from last week’s episode that I never got around to reviewing (In a nut shell: Solid Ted and Lily story, funny runner with Barney and Robin dodging old people, Marshall needs to get to this goddamn wedding right now).

At first, I was very worried that they were going to do a total cop out of last week’s meaty moment when Barney quickly dismissed Ted, but then it took over the episode and my concerns were assuaged. And replaced them with further concerns. I feel as if there was no payoff in this episode of any kind. We spend the whole episode with Ted and Barney fighting in front of Marshall on an iPad strapped to a body pillow, which is almost a funny enough sight gag to make me forget that DAPHNE NEEDS TO DROP HIS ASS OFF RIGHT NOW! The whole plot leads up to a tense and important moment between the two best friends… and then is quickly excused away by a Barney joke. Neil Patrick Harris sells everything he’s ever been handed, but this was a real disappointment. I understand that we’re not going to have major payoffs every week, but this felt to me like a real lack of meaningful payoff.

If this is the last we hear of the “Ted loves Robin” arc, then I’m going to be disappointed because this isn’t any sort of wrap-up at all. If this isn’t the end of the “Ted loves Robin” arc, then I’m going to be disappointed because Oh my God, are we still talking about this? It’s an annoying bit that the show keeps running back to full speed over and over again that only works if you view How I Met Your Mother as the nine season story of Ted falling out of love with Robin. And that is just not the show I thought I was getting into.

Robin’s story tonight was fine, but also didn’t really lead anywhere. It turns out Robin doesn’t need girlfriends because Lily is crazy? Alright. Whatever.

I understand that one does not typically experience 24 complete narratives over the course of a weekend, but could these five? For me? How I Met Your Mother isn’t Game of Thrones, capable of building long stories with absolutely no payoff for long periods of time. Maybe it’ll all mass up into something nice in the end, but that moment cannot come soon enough. The first two episodes of the season did a really good job of this, and I think HIMYM could take some good lessons from itself.

This Week in Your Mother

Dearest mother doesn’t make an appearance this week, although shouldn’t she be somewhere around here? She is playing bass at the wedding, after all.

Fan Komplaint Korner

This is the space for petty complaints that don’t really matter but come up naturally when you are a huge fan of the show…

Lily gets mad at Robin for not being able to gain weight, but didn’t she have trouble gaining weight for her wedding? So much so that she had to hire Robin to get her to eat? Again, it doesn’t matter. Just something that leapt out at me.

Also, the show is going to be really hard pressed to top Marshall and Lily’s wedding. It’d be sad if this whole season took place at the second or third best wedding in the show’s history.

Since Season 9 is Going To Be a Series of References to the Show’s Past, Let’s Make a Place to Compile Them!

Patrice returns, Tim Gunn is back, William Zabka is in Barney’s wedding party, Lily’s Marshmallow body pillow. And, of course, the Bro Code.

Last week’s title was a reference to one of my favorite episodes: Season 2’s “First Time in New York.”

Predictions for Future Callbacks: Sensory Deprivator 5000 and the Smurf Penis

Final Verdict: B- – A chuckle funny episode that needed some payoff to really click.

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