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Short Film Spotlight: IT DIDN’T TAKE, Forest J. Wharton & Kevin Lanigan

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I’m back! After a long hiatus (largely related to the making of this short film), Chekhov’s Gunman is back, hopefully with some much-needed energy and a lot more regularity. Please enjoy this short film—recently accepted into its first film festival!

 Here’s a feature I do occasionally here at Chekhov’s Gunman (when I remember), and I figured the release of my first short film was as good of an occasion to revive it as any.

 It Didn’t Take is a comedy short film about three members of a cult called The Sunshine Togetherhood who do that most cultish of things and “take the Kool-Aid.” But the next morning, they awake to find that they’re still alive, even though everyone else around them is dead. It’s a mission to unravel the mystery of their existence, while at the same time trying to clean up all of these dead bodies before Mom gets home with the groceries!

Directed by Kevin Lanigan and Forest J. Wharton—and scripted by Lanigan—It Didn’t Take was shot by James Westbrook, and stars Lora Hakanson, Haley Schrager, and Cody Jolly. It’s been well-reviewed, and just got accepted into its first film festival, the MX Independent Film Festival in St. Louis!

Forest and I are very proud of what we’ve done here. Please give it a few minutes of your time!

 Chekhov’s Gunman is a film and television blog moderated by Kevin Lanigan, a future writer of movies and TV and current writer of jokes on Laffy Taffy wrappers. Be sure to comment below with your thoughts, and follow or subscribe above for future content!

Keep coming back for the best in writing on movies and TV!

You can check out Kevin on Twitter, if 140 characters of this nonsense sounds appealing to you.

Have a day!


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