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Talking Back to the Movies: The Brothers McDonagh

In Bruges Colin Farrell Ray

Recently I started a podcast called Talking Back to the Movies. Every few weeks, my friend and fellow filmmaker Gabe Levy and myself pick a filmmaker and go through their works film by film, discussing each one both in terms of itself and in the context of the director as a whole.

We boys recently wrapped up their first series, covering the works of the Brothers McDonagh (that’s Martin and John Michael). Here, for your listening pleasure, are all of the episodes in that series.

1.) In Bruges

After a mob job goes wrong, two Irish hitmen are forced to hide out in the Belgian city of Bruges, which is equal parts beautiful and boring. The film has become something of a cult sensation among film fans. Gabe and Kevin are both in love with it in this first episode, which was originally meant as a pilot for another show, but that’s a long story…

2.) The Guard

Easily the most fun film in this series, The Guard serves as a great showcase for Brendan Gleeson and ought to satisfy anyone with an unscratched Lethal Weapon itch. It is also the highest grossing Irish film in the country’s history.

3.) Seven Psychopaths

Showcasing a cavalcade of strong performances, including brilliant work from Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken, Seven Psychopaths is a unique, meta trip through one screenwriter’s quest to finish his work.

Kelly Reilly and Brendan Gleeson in Calvary

4.) Calvary

Easily the most underserved film of 2014, Calvary is a future classic waiting patiently to be watched and wondered, “Why the hell didn’t I know about this film when it came out?” Enjoy a breathless talk from two film geeks.

Come back again soon for the full run of the films of Mel Brooks. Or just find the podcast here.

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