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On Being Jewish, Mel Brooks, and The Producers

A great piece by my friend (and podcast partner) Gabe Levy. He’s a real mensch.

The Chutzpah Kid

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Let me preface this by saying that I am not a profoundly religious man. Like so many others of my generation, I have some gripes with organized religion as a whole. I detest fundamentalism, both here in the US and abroad, and I think that Judaism is no exception.

Despite this, I identify as a Jew. A proud Jew. A Jew who may not go to temple, wear a yarmulke, or keep Kosher, but loves the sense of cultural brotherhood achieved by his heritage. We call ourselves Members of the Tribe for a reason. Picking and guessing which celebrities and pop culture figures are my brethren is something that has transcended a hobby and become almost… a compulsion for me.

Mel Brooks is a man who nearly negates all of that guessing. Just looking at him, his mannerisms, and his life’s work tells you that he embodies the spirit of…

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