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There Will Be Blood

For fifteen episodes now, my good friend and fellow filmmaker Gabe Levy and I have been doing a podcast called Talking Back to the Movies. We go through the work of a filmmaker or film series film by film, talking about how an auteur evolves, the themes that run between films, and how good these movies are. We recently completed our third director: Paul Thomas Anderson.

For your convenience, I have rangled all seven episodes in one convenient location. Now you can listen to each of them at your leisure! (Fair warning, these are all spoiler-heavy, so be sure to watch these great movies before listening to the episodes if you care about that sort of thing). Enjoy!

Series Completed So Far:
–The McDonagh Brothers: Martin and John Michael McDonagh
–Mel Brooks
–Paul Thomas Anderson

Next Up:
Francis Ford Coppola in the 1970s

Everyone must start somewhere. Paul Thomas Anderson used his Hollywood connections and gambling money to craft a methodical character study starring Philip Baker Hall. There are worse things you could do.

The most watchable of PTA’s movies, BOOGIE NIGHTS really signaled the arrival of a true talent into the filmmaking world. Drawing career-best performances from both Mark Wahlberg and Burt Reynolds, this film has endured as a great gateway into the strange brain of Paul Thomas Anderson.

MAGNOLIA, often viewed as a sort of odd man out in PTA’s catalog, is the person favorite work from the filmmaker for both Gabe and myself. In probably the best episode we have done yet, we talk about the extreme emotionality of MAGNOLIA and the challenge it thrusts towards the human race.

If you’ve ever wanted to watch Adam Sandler give an amazing acting performance I both question your sanity and have just the film for you.

BLOOD is still the only film from Anderson to receive significant Academy Awards attention. And that’s for good reason. THERE WILL BE BLOOD is a tremendous experience that demands to be seen, if for no other reason than to watch Daniel Day-Lewis do what he does better than anyone: beat up Paul Dano.

Divisive, arresting, and relentless, THE MASTER presents a challenge to those that dare pop in the DVD. It is filmmaking as work, demanding that its audience stay raptly focused for its entire runtime. It’s well worth the trial.

Only a few months out from its December debut, it’s hard to know how INHERENT VICE will sit in the annuls of history. But the best way for you to weigh in on the debate is to watch the film and listen to this podcast.

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