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TALKING BACK TO THE MOVIES: Francis Ford Coppola (in the 1970s)

the godfather

I am very proud of my podcast, Talking Back to the Movies. My pal, roommate, and fellow filmmaker Gabe Levy and myself have established a nice little podcast in just under twenty episodes. We have talked about all sorts of films with a variety of genres and intents. And though neither Gabe nor myself are much for the “films just used to be better” mindset, it was about time that we covered some true classics of American film. And so came in our discussion of Francis Ford Coppola in the 1970s.

No matter who you are or what your taste in movies, you have to admit that Coppola has made at least three of the greatest films of all time, seemingly immortal films deserving of accolades for years to come. And somehow he made all of them within the scope of a single decade. For being only four episodes long, it’s a dense and interesting series discussing some hugely important works of art. I consider THE GODFATHER to be the greatest film I have ever seen (if not the greatest of all time). I am immensely grateful for this series, as it was my first time seeing three of these fantastic movies.

I’ll link to all of the episodes below. You can find every episode of the podcast here.

Completed Series:
–Martin & John Michael McDonagh
–Mel Brooks
–Paul Thomas Anderson

Next Up:
The Marvel Cinematic Universe


Like I said: Just about the greatest film anyone has ever made. Just classic scene after classic scene. There are more monumental lines of dialogue in this film than there are in most filmographies, and more breathtaking images than one is liable to find in an art museum. It’s as perfect as a movie can be.


Coppola took a break from the sprawling lives of the Corleone clan to make an intimate portrait of a lonely man and the sounds that he keeps. It’s a cavernous exploration of government paranoia in post-Watergate America. And Gene Hackman is pretty good.


The greatest sequel of all time. A stunning follow-up to the world’s most intimidating opening act. Brilliant. One day we’ll do a podcast about GODFATHER PART III. One day.


As troubling a film as has ever been made. Of all the films known for their tumultuous productions, this one is by far the most famous (and well-documented). But even if you never know a shred of the backstory behind the making of this movie, this is still a startling piece of brilliance.

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