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Rian Johnson is about to be one of the biggest filmmakers on the planet. The man is bringing us the middle piece of a new STAR WARS trilogy, the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK of this much-awaited series. But long before his name became one of interest to the culture at large, Johnson was already a huge figure in the filmmaking world. After taking the indie scene by storm with his debut film, BRICK, Johnson put out two more films, including the widely-loved LOOPER.

Johnson is a unique, singular filmmaker to watch. And, luckily enough for you, Gabe Levy and myself have watched all of his films to find out what really makes Rian Johnson tick.

As usual, I’ll post each episode and its SoundCloud link right here. You can also always follow us on iTunes.

#33, BRICK

Starring an impressively young Joseph Gordon-Levitt, BRICK is a spectacular film that masters two genres: high school drama and film noir. It’s a dark tale of intrigue and surprise that is certain to deliver to you something that you’ve never seen before.


Sort of an outlier in the Rian Johnson canon, but still a marvelously entertaining film all the same. Starring Rachel Weisz and Mark Ruffalo as you’ve never seen them before and Adrian Brody as you’ve seen him several times before, THE BROTHERS BLOOM is a delightful con caper that shows a true understanding of form, style, and the proper application of Rinko Kikuchi.


I don’t want to pump up LOOPER for you. I just want you to watch LOOPER. It rules.

Completed Series So Far:
The Brothers McDonagh
Mel Brooks
Paul Thomas Anderson
Francis Ford Coppola

Next Up:
Edgar Wright aka My Favorite Filmmaker


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