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“Riding the Staircar to Heaven”- Arrested Development Season 4 Review

Arrested Development Season 4 Gob Will Arnett Jesus Illusion

There are some spoilers in this review. Now you know that, so mind yourself accordingly.

They warned us. They warned us that Season 4 should be treated like the first act of a movie instead of a season of television, and we just didn’t listen.

Many of the negative reactions I’ve been reading against this Netflix dump of mystery and cutoffs are from people who took all the times that sentiment has been reiterated and tossed them out in the garbage like some kind of refuse or Debris.

The complaints about the lack of resolution seem silly, especially when there are way bigger things to be complaining about in terms of what we did get as opposed to what we didn’t.

Before I go any further, I suppose I have to justify my credentials to you before I’m allowed to evaluate this show of shows and not have the terrible hordes of rabid fans barrel down upon me from nooks and crannies I wasn’t even entirely sure a person could hide in. Read more…


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