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“Big Damn Heroes, Sir”- Top Ten Heroic Sacrifices- A Mexican Standoff

Chekhov’s Gunman is a film and television blog moderated by Kevin Lanigan, a future writer of awesome movies and television and several subpar G.I. Joe sequels. This is a Mexican Standoff, a categorical list of things having to do with movies and television- the essentials of life.

Big Damn Heroes. It’s what everyone wants to be. If you’ve ever played any kind of role play game, you know that everyone thinks they’re the fire hose swinging, yippie-kay-aying hero man John McClane. But in reality, most of us are Ellis, doing cocaine and poorly pronouncing German until we meet our inevitable and unceremonial demise.

But fortunately for the peeps on the following list, they did get to be Big Damn Heroes. For clarification’s sake, these people didn’t necessarily have to die from these sacrifices, but if they didn’t then they totally got off easy. More like Medium Damn Heroes.

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“You Had One Job, Tarly!!!”- Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 1 Review- ‘Valar Dohearis’

Game of Thrones Season 3 Premiere Tyrion

Chekhov’s Gunman is a film and television blog written by Kevin Lanigan, a future writer of great TV and movies and pretty subpar Homeland-themed cookbooks. Below is a review of the first episode of the third season of Game of Thrones with lots and lots and lots of spoilers. There has been a small amount of negative feedback regarding the fact that I am not a scholar on this show. Those who read this review may wonder who is taking it super seriously.

This show is conducted by someone who hasn’t read the books. Yell at me if you want.

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Top Ten Underrated Acting Performances- A Mexican Standoff

Chekhov’s Gunman is a film and television blog moderated by Kevin Lanigan, future writer of movies and TV and current writer of Walking Dead/ Arrested Development slash fiction. God, I hope that’s not a real thing…

It’s easy to reward Meryl Streep over and over again. That’s easy. What’s difficult is sifting past the easy choice and looking at those who are doing great stuff that we forget about come time to hand out naked golden people holding things.

April Ludgate Aubrey Plaza

10) Aubrey Plaza as April Ludgate on Parks and Recreation Read more…

#6- “It’s Like Frolicking in a Surly, Many-Boobed Field”- We Are in the Television Golden Age and Game of Thrones is Back!

game of thrones

Chekhov’s Gunman is a film and television blog moderated by Kevin Lanigan, a future writer of movies and TV and a struggling sculpture artist in a time when marble is scarce. There’s probably some spoilers somewhere in here, so don’t blame me because I warned you, sonnyjack.

I am ready to welcome the sins of Westeros back into my life again. The boobs, and the midgets, and the incest… I want all of it. It’s like welcoming a dirty, crusty friend back into your life after his long HBO-fueled absence. Our noble dwarf Tyrion Lannister, the ever-slappable Joffrey Baratheon, and their entire gamut of back-stabbing winter-fearers are going to waltz back into our living rooms (or out of your computer screen if you’re one of those naughty children who pirates things) and we couldn’t be more glad.

The fervor and fan art that Game of Thrones inspires is daunting. It’s also the perfect encapsulation of where television is at right now. Read more…

“And We Could All Use a Little Chaaaaaaaang”- Community Season 4 Episode 6 Review- ‘Advanced Documentary Filmmaking’


Chekhov’s Gunman is a film and television blog moderated by Kevin Lanigan, a future writer of movies and TV and current Good Will Hunting-esque mathematical savant. (That’s a Smash Mouth reference in the title, for all of you who are interested).

I was a little nervous about this one. Since I view the three (now four) documentary episodes as the sacred cows of Community, this one had a lot to live up to. A lot of shows could do paintball episodes, although admittedly not as well. Hell, Glee could probably do it. But no other show in history would thrice forsake its entire format for an entire episode. And it helps that all three are relentlessly funny and intimate portraits of our favorite study group (out of aaaaaaalllll the shows that consist of study groups. Namely none).

It doesn’t help that the episode was not only going to be about Chang, which is dicey enough as it is, but memory-less Chang. This is bad, seeing as I’ve already marked memory loss and one of the worst things in the world including babies and consummated will-they-won’t-theys. This looked to be bad news bears. Read more…

#5- “I Would Watch iCarly if its Stars Weren’t Racist”- Don’t Let Your Feelings about the Author Affect Your Feelings on the Work

Quentin Tarantino with his best original screenplay GOlden Globe award

Chekhov’s Gunman is a film and television blog written by Kevin Lanigan, a future writer of awesome movies and TV and some mediocre self-titled folk albums. Some mild, mild spoilers may follow. Like chain grocery store salsa mild.

We as a society put a lot of pressure on our artists.

Wait, no, scratch that. Not artists. Film and TV can be raised to the level of art, but it’s really a craft more than anything. You get better by doing it. It’s like making a chair. You make better chairs by continually making chairs. Directing Lincoln is not dissimilar to crafting an armchair. A rambling armchair with distracting cinematography, but an armchair none-the-less. Let’s try this again… Read more…

“Chubby Cheeks Basted in Tears of Gravy”- Community Review Season 4 Episode 5- ‘Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations’

Community Jeff Dean Thanksgiving

Chekhov’s Gunman is a film and TV blog moderated by Kevin Lanigan, a future writer of television and movies and the first monkey shot into space. Spoilers for Community follow, so, like… watch out…

Before I start in on tonight’s episode, let’s talk about all the awesome things to come. Recently, Community’s cast and crew went to PaleyFest and treated us to some tasty tidbits of what’s to come. We’re getting a puppet episode! With Jason Alexander as a “friendly mountain man!” I’m in! I am so in! I’m in like Professor Binns! Also, something big for Shirley, more paintball but not a full episode, and a Freaky Friday-esque episode written by Academy Award winner Jim Rash where Troy and Abed switch bodies. That’s all very promising. Speaking of promising…

I really, really liked this episode you guys. It was kind of lacking in the big laughs department but it was so damn pleasant and emotional that big comedy set-pieces would have almost ruined what was at work. As a viewer, I feel that often times comic relief can spoil something good, like making Argo’s tone a bit jarring or whatever the hell the “fat people fall down” section in Lincoln was. The Jeff’s dad storyline was so delicate, with so much real emotion to it, that too much schtick from Troy or Pierce would have ruined it. There was a lot to laugh at here (Gillian Jacobs was funnier tonight than anyone else has been all season), but—Oooooooh. Jeff’s Dad! Read more…

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