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Top Ten Depressing Comedies- A Mexican Standoff

“Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall down a well and die.”- Mel Brooks (probably, who knows if I can trust the Internet)

I don’t quite know what draws the line between comedy and tragedy- jokes I suppose- but I do know that the two intersect more often than you’d think, and I simply can’t pass up the opportunity to use a Mel Brooks quote.

Comedy and tragedy have a closer relationship than we initially believe. There’s a reason we find out later on that many of our favorite comedians suffered greatly with depression. Behind all good funny, there’s something inherently sad. Here’s a list of items that lets the sad shine through a bit more than normal…

Community Troy Birthday

10) Community Season 2 Episode 10- “Mixology Certification” Read more…


#6- “It’s Like Frolicking in a Surly, Many-Boobed Field”- We Are in the Television Golden Age and Game of Thrones is Back!

game of thrones

Chekhov’s Gunman is a film and television blog moderated by Kevin Lanigan, a future writer of movies and TV and a struggling sculpture artist in a time when marble is scarce. There’s probably some spoilers somewhere in here, so don’t blame me because I warned you, sonnyjack.

I am ready to welcome the sins of Westeros back into my life again. The boobs, and the midgets, and the incest… I want all of it. It’s like welcoming a dirty, crusty friend back into your life after his long HBO-fueled absence. Our noble dwarf Tyrion Lannister, the ever-slappable Joffrey Baratheon, and their entire gamut of back-stabbing winter-fearers are going to waltz back into our living rooms (or out of your computer screen if you’re one of those naughty children who pirates things) and we couldn’t be more glad.

The fervor and fan art that Game of Thrones inspires is daunting. It’s also the perfect encapsulation of where television is at right now. Read more…

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