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TALKING BACK TO THE MOVIES: The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Avengers Age of Ultron Team

Another TBttM series successfully brought to completion!*

*Don’t laugh

Almost double the length of our previous record-holding series, The Marvel Cinematic Universe has made for a fun summer sojourn into franchise land. My co-host Gabe Levy and I (TV’s Kevin Lanigan) are ecstatic to bring you these twelve episodes that we are very proud of–or “of which you are very proud” if you gotta be that way. Each one comes with a lively discussion of blockbuster filmmaking, and many have accompanying segments about Marvel Television, in case that wasn’t enough for you. If you’ve been waiting for the series to be done to jump on board, now’s the prime time to do it.

And don’t worry: we’ll be back every few months with another episode in this series each time Marvel gets up off its butt and decides to spit out another one of these. You can subscribe to us on iTunes or Stitcher, and I’ll link to each of the episodes on SoundCloud below. Read more…


“Something Actually Happened in This One!”- THOR: THE DARK WORLD Review

thor the dark world

There are no spoilers to be found here that can’t be found in the trailers.

The first Thor was hardly even a movie. If we’re going by traditional three act structure, it was two hours of first act, followed by a quick ten minute reprieve of third act. That last bit was a nice break after an entire film of set up for an ending that wouldn’t happen for another 2 years, but hardly served to turn Thor into what we in the ticket-purchasing business would call a “movie.”

Thor: The Dark World seeks to remedy this transgression by doing exactly the opposite. The film’s three screenwriters seem to have as little interest in Exposition in New Mexico as we do, so this sequel takes off at a blistering pace.

Boom, Prologue! Boom, Thor faffing around on Asian Asgard! Academy Award Winning Actress Natalie Portman becomes possessed by cranberry juice! We’re in, we’re out, we’re done, the movie has started everybody! Read more…

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