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JURASSIC WORLD is the Stupidest Movie I Have Ever Seen. I Liked It. – Movie Review

Jurassic World Chris Pratt Raptor Friends

There are probably no spoilers ahead.

You have to admire a movie that, at every juncture possible, makes the stupidest decision it possibly can. In a more logical, cohesive film, many of the moments in Jurassic World would stand out as odd choices for its characters to make. In Jurassic World, these are incremental steps on the ladder of stupidity on which these characters find themselves. To commit so fully and so completely to being so stone dumb is an act of true heroism. Read more…


The Way Way Back Review- “Everybody’s Just So… Sad”

the way way back steve carell sam rockwell

This review is presented free of spoilers. Except for my tears. Those are fairly well-documented.

“My mom doesn’t smoke pot…”

So is the plight of young Duncan (a terrific Liam James), a boy in the throes of that awkward time in his adolescence, as he contends with his mom’s new boyfriend and just being sad all the time. It doesn’t help that his stepdad (Steve Carell) is an absolute dick, and Duncan’s mom only seems to want to hang out with him, leaving poor Duncan on his own, lonely and singing REO Speedwagon ‘till his heart’s content. Problem is, Duncan’s heart gets content pretty fast, so he finds his way to a local water park called Water Wizz and starts working there, under the watchful eyes of a bunch of really funny people you didn’t know you secretly wished would run a water park together. Read more…

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