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There Will Be Blood

For fifteen episodes now, my good friend and fellow filmmaker Gabe Levy and I have been doing a podcast called Talking Back to the Movies. We go through the work of a filmmaker or film series film by film, talking about how an auteur evolves, the themes that run between films, and how good these movies are. We recently completed our third director: Paul Thomas Anderson. Read more…


Top 20 Movies to Look Forward To- A Mexican Standoff

sin city a dame to kill for josh brolin

Chekhov’s Gunman is a film and television blog by Kevin “Kevin” Lanigan, a future writer of movies and TV and current underpants enthusiast. “Mexican Standoff” is our newest feature, a categorical list of something.

There’s a lot of good stuff waiting for us at the motion pictures. Of course, none of it is out right now, but there’s lots on the horizon. I’ve been trying to soak news up like a Bounty Quicker Picker Upper (thanks for the money, Bounty) and here’s a list of the 20 movies that I’m most looking forward to, or to which I’m most looking forward if you’re a grammar ass.

There are movies that are of course not on this list, mostly sequels to movies I didn’t enjoy. The second The Hobbit movie comes to mind, as well as The Amazing Spider-Man 2, although the casting news on that one is really promising. Admittedly, I’ve only seen the first ten minutes of the first Andrew Garfield Spider-Man flick, but that was a really terrible ten minutes. In either case, here’s the list… Read more…

#2- “Sand-Boobs, Alcoholism, and Mommy Issues”- On Characters, Change, and Archer’s Return

Sterling Archer

Welcome to Chekhov’s Gunman- a film and television blog from the point of view of Kevin Lanigan, an aspiring film and television writer and past and future trick-or-treater. Mild spoilers lie ahead. You have been warned. If you yell at me, my father will fire your father.

You have to be careful with change. Human beings are creatures of habit. We have nightly routines and schedules for everything from exercise to television. It’s all habit. Change is dangerous to those set in their ways. Don’t believe me? Turn on the national news and wait for absolutely any news story. Someone will be against it. It’s the reason we stay in abusive relationships and it’s the reason we don’t buy it when Tom Cruise goes from dead-beat dad to Dakota Fanning-saving Tim Robbins killer. Read more…

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