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Looper Poster 2

Rian Johnson is about to be one of the biggest filmmakers on the planet. The man is bringing us the middle piece of a new STAR WARS trilogy, the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK of this much-awaited series. But long before his name became one of interest to the culture at large, Johnson was already a huge figure in the filmmaking world. Read more…


TALKING BACK TO THE MOVIES: The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Avengers Age of Ultron Team

Another TBttM series successfully brought to completion!*

*Don’t laugh

Almost double the length of our previous record-holding series, The Marvel Cinematic Universe has made for a fun summer sojourn into franchise land. My co-host Gabe Levy and I (TV’s Kevin Lanigan) are ecstatic to bring you these twelve episodes that we are very proud of–or “of which you are very proud” if you gotta be that way. Each one comes with a lively discussion of blockbuster filmmaking, and many have accompanying segments about Marvel Television, in case that wasn’t enough for you. If you’ve been waiting for the series to be done to jump on board, now’s the prime time to do it.

And don’t worry: we’ll be back every few months with another episode in this series each time Marvel gets up off its butt and decides to spit out another one of these. You can subscribe to us on iTunes or Stitcher, and I’ll link to each of the episodes on SoundCloud below. Read more…

GAME OF THRONES Season 5 Episode 5 Review, “Kill the Boy”

Game of Thrones Kill the Boy Brienne

This review is from the point of view of someone who hasn’t read the books. Books are for nerds. I’m take in my dense fantasy stories on television. Like a cool kid.

Get ready, people. We are rounding the bend past the stone man bridge that comes around this point in a Game of Thrones season and are about to plow headlong into the spreading Gravel Leprosy of the back half of a season. This is where the plot threads that we become so frustrated with start to tighten and we ride into the sections where political conspiracies come to the forefront, people we love start dying, and something big happens in Episode Nine. Read more…

COMMUNITY Season 6 Episode 8/9/10 Review, “Intro to Recycled Cinema”/”Grifting 101”/”Basic RV Repair and Palmistry”

Community Intro to Recycled Cinema Chang

It’s a threefer, ladies and gentlemen! Read more…

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Movie Review (So Many Spoilers)

Avengers AGe of Ultron Team

It’s not easy making something that’s fun. You know this fact too well if you’ve ever planned a party or set up a Slip ‘N Slide or procreated a party clown. Although movies that are referred to as “mere entertainment” are looked down upon by those whose noses are turned up so high that they enter a room Adam’s Apple first, it is almost as difficult to make something that feels effortless and carefree as it is to craft that homeless amputee drama you’ve been writing. Read more…

GAME OF THRONES Season 5 Episode 4 Review, “Sons of the Harpy”

game of thrones season 5 episode 4 sons of the harpy obara

This review is from the point of view of someone who hasn’t read the books. I bet you looked forward to the school Book Fair, too, didn’t yah, nerd?

Is Game of Thrones teaching us to be afraid of birds? Read more…


There Will Be Blood

For fifteen episodes now, my good friend and fellow filmmaker Gabe Levy and I have been doing a podcast called Talking Back to the Movies. We go through the work of a filmmaker or film series film by film, talking about how an auteur evolves, the themes that run between films, and how good these movies are. We recently completed our third director: Paul Thomas Anderson. Read more…

GAME OF THRONES Season 5 Episode 3 Review, “High Sparrow”

game of thrones season 5 episode 3 the high sparrow sansa littlefinger

This review is from the point of view of someone who hasn’t read the books. Go back to the library, poindexter.

On Game of Thrones, one can never be too sure of who they’re going to bump into next and how exactly that person is going to ruin your life. Anyone from Ramsay Bolton to a complete stranger to a guy from Pirates of the Caribbean could show up out of nowhere and ruin the perfectly good thing you had going, often when you finally get that perfectly good thing really going. This week Jon Snow tried to honor an enemy and ended up beheading a guy named Janos (I’m told all members of the Night’s Watch have names, but I find this claim dubious). As the old saying goes, “Man plans. George R.R. Martin laughs.” Read more…

COMMUNITY Season 6 Episode 7 Review, “Advanced Safety Features”

community season 6 episode 7 advanced safety features

Product placement is tricky business. Even at its best (like in Tropic Thunder when Matthew McConaughey journeyed to Laos to save a helicopter full of actors by throwing a TiVO in the path of a rocket), audience members are still keenly aware that they are looking at a product that has wormed its way onto the screen as the memo on a big ol’ check. It’s as agonizing to watch Will Smith’s criminal investigation into robomurder in I, Robot get stopped repeatedly for people to talk about how cool his Converse shoes are as it is to watch the bad movie known as I, Robot. When Gone Girl dared feature both Mountain Dew and Netflix thinkpieces arose about whether or not David Fincher sold out his pulpy masterpiece.

Is there a fundamental difference in quality between the characters on Community enjoying Let’s Potato Chips and an Xbox 360 and a Mountain Dew machine being turned into evil robots by the cube from Transformers that then and only then turned inanimate objects into evil robots? They are both equally unbelievable and distracting. In an increasingly-merchandized world, it is just as false for characters to eat fake brands as it is for them to stop everything and have a delicious Burger King dinner with Carl Weathers.

I bring this up only to tell you that I laughed at every damn Honda joke in this episode. Read more…

GAME OF THRONES Season 5 Episode 2 Review, “The House of Black and White”

Game of Thrones Arya Jaqen The House of Black and White disguise

The following review is from the perspective of someone who hasn’t read the books. Go back to Borders, nerd.

Game of Thrones is really taking a vacation this year. And that’s a compliment. This was possibly the most purely fun episode that Game of Thrones has ever produced. If a typical episode is a tiptoe around a dark house trying to not wake up an angry parent, this episode was a leisurely, unburdened stroll through a Target (which is weird given the consistent threat of child death this episode provides that I have never experienced at Target). I know that I’m dancing with fire here, almost tempting the writers to kill the people I love, but I am enjoying what was, to a large extent, some fun. Read more…

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