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Looper Poster 2

Rian Johnson is about to be one of the biggest filmmakers on the planet. The man is bringing us the middle piece of a new STAR WARS trilogy, the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK of this much-awaited series. But long before his name became one of interest to the culture at large, Johnson was already a huge figure in the filmmaking world. Read more…


Talking Back to the Movies: Mel Brooks

young frankenstein

Talking Back to the Movies is roaring right along with a series on the films of comedy icon Mel Brooks. What started out as a planned run-through of the entire series was cut short after Young Frankenstein, when my podcast partner Gabe Levy and myself mutually decided that the prospect of watching anything Mel Brooks after 1974 just sounded like torture we simply didn’t want to subject ourselves to. But we did four solid episodes about Brooks’ first four theatrical efforts that I’ll embed for you wonderful readers. Read more…

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