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2013 Emmy Nominations Reactions

Parks and Recreation Cast

Another year, another disappointing round of Emmy nominations. This time every year, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences tries to tell us what is the best in television seemingly without watching any television themselves. Because awards totally matter and are the end-all be-all of what is good television, I, like many others on the Internet, had a reaction to this year’s string of nominations.

And oh, hey, here they are. Read more…


#6- “It’s Like Frolicking in a Surly, Many-Boobed Field”- We Are in the Television Golden Age and Game of Thrones is Back!

game of thrones

Chekhov’s Gunman is a film and television blog moderated by Kevin Lanigan, a future writer of movies and TV and a struggling sculpture artist in a time when marble is scarce. There’s probably some spoilers somewhere in here, so don’t blame me because I warned you, sonnyjack.

I am ready to welcome the sins of Westeros back into my life again. The boobs, and the midgets, and the incest… I want all of it. It’s like welcoming a dirty, crusty friend back into your life after his long HBO-fueled absence. Our noble dwarf Tyrion Lannister, the ever-slappable Joffrey Baratheon, and their entire gamut of back-stabbing winter-fearers are going to waltz back into our living rooms (or out of your computer screen if you’re one of those naughty children who pirates things) and we couldn’t be more glad.

The fervor and fan art that Game of Thrones inspires is daunting. It’s also the perfect encapsulation of where television is at right now. Read more…

#2- “Sand-Boobs, Alcoholism, and Mommy Issues”- On Characters, Change, and Archer’s Return

Sterling Archer

Welcome to Chekhov’s Gunman- a film and television blog from the point of view of Kevin Lanigan, an aspiring film and television writer and past and future trick-or-treater. Mild spoilers lie ahead. You have been warned. If you yell at me, my father will fire your father.

You have to be careful with change. Human beings are creatures of habit. We have nightly routines and schedules for everything from exercise to television. It’s all habit. Change is dangerous to those set in their ways. Don’t believe me? Turn on the national news and wait for absolutely any news story. Someone will be against it. It’s the reason we stay in abusive relationships and it’s the reason we don’t buy it when Tom Cruise goes from dead-beat dad to Dakota Fanning-saving Tim Robbins killer. Read more…

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