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TALKING BACK TO THE MOVIES: Francis Ford Coppola (in the 1970s)

the godfather

I am very proud of my podcast, Talking Back to the Movies. My pal, roommate, and fellow filmmaker Gabe Levy and myself have established a nice little podcast in just under twenty episodes. We have talked about all sorts of films with a variety of genres and intents. And though neither Gabe nor myself are much for the “films just used to be better” mindset, it was about time that we covered some true classics of American film. And so came in our discussion of Francis Ford Coppola in the 1970s. Read more…


Top Ten Character Deaths in Movies and TV- A Mexican Standoff

Chekhov’s Gunman is a film and television blog moderated by Kevin Lanigan, a future writer of awesome movies and TV and moderately successful modern day adaptations of Huckleberry Finn. Coming 2015.

Before you read this list, know that I have not seen everything. I have watched a lot of things, probably too many things, at the expense of having hobbies and what may have been true happiness but we can’t be sure. But I am far from seeing everything. So if you have something you think is missing from this list, comment below and let me know (to borrow a phrase from Jeremy Jahns). In either case, here’s the list…

Also, you know, spoilers… Duh… Read more…

#4- “Almost Forgot, Lizzie- Yesterday Mr. Darcy Started the Cold War”- Jane Austen, Exposition, and Basic Storytelling


Chekhov’s Gunman is a film and television blog by Kevin Lanigan, future writer of film and TV and past writer of certain specific verses of songs by Gladys Knight and the Pips. Spoilers will follow.

Do you ever feel like everything interesting happens after you leave the room? Like, every time you decide to turn in for the night, your friends encounter a caravan made up entirely of cannibal supermodels? Seems about right. I lost an entire group of horny, tasty friends that way. Read more…

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