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Top Ten Actors Playing Themselves- A Mexican Standoff

There seems to be something freeing about an actor portraying themselves. Sometimes it allows them to create a neat little sub-character out of themselves. The best example of this is Carl Weathers’ incredibly frugal turn as Carl Weathers on Arrested Development. Also of note is Bill Murray in Zombieland, which is a twist that was spoiled for me so now I’m spoiling it here for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Oh, vengeance is sweet.

There’s also the very fun incarnation of this where a celebrity gets a rare chance to subvert their public persona for laughs. Ricky Gervais has basically made a career out of this, on shows like Extras, giving us scenes that delight us with giddy glee, like Daniel Radcliffe unfurling a massive roll of condoms clad in a boyscout uniform, which is, admittedly, exactly what anyone would carry around if they were Harry Potter.

Unfortunately, that Extras shoutout means it won’t be showing up on this list, but I hope I’ve assembled enough good stuff here to still make it worthwhile.

Tobey Maguire Tropic Thunder

10.)    Tobey Maguire, Tropic Thunder Read more…


Top Ten Alcohol Moments in Media- A Mexican Standoff

This list comes about in tribute to this weekend’s debut of Iron Man 3, where children of all ages can line up to learn lessons about honor and courage from an absolute dick and functional alcoholic. Unfortunately for Tony, this section means he won’t be included on this list, even though the “Demon in a Bottle” run of his comics set alcohol as his greatest foe because, well, name another one.

This Mexican Standoff covers everything, from best new alcohols to best uses of alcohol as a narrative device. Basically, anything involving alcohol could potentially belong on this list.

*Disclaimer: As if it needs to be said, I don’t condone alcoholism or alcohol abuse, but rather discourage its use as a way to rid you of your troubles or as a substitute for breast feeding. Drink in moderation, drink responsibly, and never drink alone- KL*

Parks and Recreation

10) Parks and Recreation, The Whole Department, Snake Juice Read more…

Top Ten Pet Owners- A Mexican Standoff

In the real world, many perfectly normal, standard people own many perfectly normal, standard pets. Lots of white people with lots of dogs.

But this is the media. The Liberal media. Here, we don’t have WASPs that own pets, we have pet owners who own wasps for pets. Ash Ketchum has elemental rodents. Ozymandias has a strange tiger-moose thing that is probably explained in the comics but I didn’t read that noise.

Keep in mind that these are not the ten best pet caretakers, but really just ten awesome people who happen to own pets…

Commander Shepard Femshep

10) Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect franchise Read more…

Top Ten Underrated Acting Performances- A Mexican Standoff

Chekhov’s Gunman is a film and television blog moderated by Kevin Lanigan, future writer of movies and TV and current writer of Walking Dead/ Arrested Development slash fiction. God, I hope that’s not a real thing…

It’s easy to reward Meryl Streep over and over again. That’s easy. What’s difficult is sifting past the easy choice and looking at those who are doing great stuff that we forget about come time to hand out naked golden people holding things.

April Ludgate Aubrey Plaza

10) Aubrey Plaza as April Ludgate on Parks and Recreation Read more…

#6- “It’s Like Frolicking in a Surly, Many-Boobed Field”- We Are in the Television Golden Age and Game of Thrones is Back!

game of thrones

Chekhov’s Gunman is a film and television blog moderated by Kevin Lanigan, a future writer of movies and TV and a struggling sculpture artist in a time when marble is scarce. There’s probably some spoilers somewhere in here, so don’t blame me because I warned you, sonnyjack.

I am ready to welcome the sins of Westeros back into my life again. The boobs, and the midgets, and the incest… I want all of it. It’s like welcoming a dirty, crusty friend back into your life after his long HBO-fueled absence. Our noble dwarf Tyrion Lannister, the ever-slappable Joffrey Baratheon, and their entire gamut of back-stabbing winter-fearers are going to waltz back into our living rooms (or out of your computer screen if you’re one of those naughty children who pirates things) and we couldn’t be more glad.

The fervor and fan art that Game of Thrones inspires is daunting. It’s also the perfect encapsulation of where television is at right now. Read more…

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